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Momentum Alliance: Inspiring Youth

Be a Leader, Be Yourself


Momentum Alliance is a place for young people 14-30 who want to:

  • Build trust, confidence, resiliency and health
  • Increase their educational and income levels
  • Learn and practice leadership and advocacy skills
  • Build friendships and alliances with young people they wouldn’t typically hang out with
  • Diversify decision-making in the public, private and nonprofit sectors; alter relations of power; and make systems more equitable

Perhaps most importantly, Momentum Alliances offers a space for young people to be themselves, in all their identities. 


MA Programming at a Glance

  • All activities are FREE!
  • Programs are designed and led by young people
  • All youth are welcome, regardless of immigration status
  • We offer great food, bus tickets & childcare reimbursement


We focus on the whole person

  • Wellness: We can all improve our mental and physical health and resiliency through storytelling, arts, sports and outdoor activities.
  • Educational & Job Support: We offer support and opportunities for tutoring, paid internships and job searching.
  • Leadership & Advocacy: We coach and organize young people to learn the system and how to change it!


For young people 14-23

Student Alliance Project (SAP)

Contact Jaime Limon-Guzman at jaime@momentumalliance.org to learn more about our Summer, Winter & Spring Leadership Camps, one-on-one coaching, monthly activities, and paid internship opportunities!


For young people 14-30

Leveraging Momentum (LM)

Contact Karla Castaneda at karlac@momentumalliance.org to learn more about our Youth Education Advocates (YEA!) social justice cohort.

Contact Emily Lai at emily@momentumalliance.org to learn more about our Reproductive Justice Youth Advocates (RJYA) social justice cohort.


Or call us! Our office number is 971-244-4954. If we don't pick up, leave a voicemail and we'll get back to you when we can!