Momentum Alliance: Youth Power

Momentum Alliance is a place for young people of color 14-30 who want to:

  • Be in community with other youth of color passionate about social justice

  • Explore different social justice topics and issues

  • Practice leadership and advocacy skills

  • Build collective power for youth of color

  • Diversify decision-making in the public, private and nonprofit sectors; alter relations of power; and make systems more equitable

Our age range is 14 - 30 primarily because:

  • This allows us to work with young people on a long-term basis

  • People of color between 25 - 30 are underrepresented and treated as children in many institutions.



  • All our programming is FREE or PAID!

  • Programs are designed and led by young people of color

  • All youth of color are welcome, regardless of immigration status

  • We offer food, bus tickets & childcare reimbursement


Reproductive Justice Youth Advocates focuses on issues around gender, sexuality, bodies, health care, and other gender, sex, and reproductive oppressions.

Youth Education Advocates focuses on issues related to the education system.

Housing Justice Cohort (NEW) will focus housing and transportation issues by organizing youth of color along the SW Corridor where there will be increasing displacement pressures in the coming decades.

History of our advocacy cohorts:

In 2015 we launched the Reproductive Justice Youth Advocates (RJYA). This cohort was followed by the launch of the Youth Education Advocates (YEA!) in 2016.

2018 will be the first year in which both the RJYA & YEA! are black led, and for black youth only.


The Youth Equity Collaborative (YEC) is a collaborative of 6 youth organizations in Oregon:

  1. Latinos Unidos Siempre (based in Salem)

  2. OPAL Youth Environmental Justice Alliance (based in Portland)

  3. Multnomah Youth Commission (based in Portland)

  4. Oregon Student Association Oregon Students of Color Coalition (Statewide)

  5. CAPACES TURNO (based in Woodburn)

    Established in 2016, YEC is the first regional youth-led collaborative for youth organizing in Oregon. Our purpose is to support youth organizing efforts in order to build a youth-led intersectional social justice movement in Oregon. YEC convenes youth on issues that are focused on social justice, diversity, equity, and civic engagement. All 6 organizations in YEC are led by people of color. For us, “led by people of color” means that the majority of the board, staff and youth participants are people of color.

Contact our program team at: or look up the contact information of our program staff on the staff page

Or call us! Our office number is 971-244-4954. If we don't pick up, leave a voicemail and we'll get back to you when we can!