Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is an addendum to the User Agreement and provides a specific procedure for the processing and storage of personal data of the user, which MA may require during the use of the site.

Before using it, everyone should carefully review the terms of this site’s policy.

General terms and conditions

The use of the site in any form may constitute the visitor’s unconditional agreement to the terms of this policy and the terms of use of their personal information described therein. If you do not agree to the terms of this policy, you should leave this site.

The Privacy Policy may be changed at the discretion of the administration without any special notice and payment of any compensation due to this situation. An updated version of this policy will take effect as soon as it is published on the site.

By agreeing to the rules of this policy, the visitor confirms his or her consent to the storage and processing of his or her data. All this is done for the purposes suggested in this policy and, in addition, to the forwarding of information to third parties listed in the terms of use.

This agreement can be revoked by the visitor only if he/she informs the Administration in writing within 180 days before the official expiration date of the data use.

The use of the site with a web browser that accepts cookies constitutes the visitor’s automatic consent to the fact that the site will be able to collect and store information from cookies. All this is done for the purposes suggested in this policy and in addition to forwarding information from cookies to third parties listed in the terms of use.

The deactivation or blocking by the visitor of the option of the web browser to receive information from cookies signifies a refusal to collect and store information according to the rules of the site.

As a rule, the administration of the site does not verify the accuracy of the information provided by the visitor. In general, in cases specified in this policy, the user must confirm the accuracy and correctness of the data provided.

The component of the visitor data stored and processed by the website

This policy applies to the following types of personal data:

  • Personal data based by the visitor on the site when registering by filling out the message submission form;
  • Other personal information to which the visitor permits third-party sites;
  • Personal information is said by the visitor during the use of the page.

Some of the personal data include name, telephone number, e-mail address, or address in the case of deliveries. Other data are provided by the visitor if he or she so wishes.

Passing on personal information to third parties without proper authorization or if the information was not obtained from publicly accessible places is prohibited.

The seller provides a guarantee of confidentiality of such personal information of the user:

  • Visitor card information;
  • Purchasing and ordering information.

The data can only be passed on to third parties for the realization of payments by the payment system. Other actions with personal data are not possible.

Information is provided in addition to the visitor so that the site can correctly match advertisements and other data.

Other information about the visitor, the storage and processing of which is agreed with the administration of this site.

Purpose of storing and processing visitor data

The site obtains and stores only the visitor’s data and personal information that is necessary for the site to fulfill its responsibilities. This includes answering questions when sending messages, as well as complying with the terms of this policy or the user agreement.

The site will be able to store and use the personal data of the visitor for such purposes:

  • In identifying the identity during the laying of the contract between the visitor and the administration;
  • The transfer of services to the visitor for the use of the site or in the performance of any duties to the visitor. For example, this may be the processing of orders, payment acceptance, and inquiries, further development of the latest services;
  • Notification of visitors to the distribution of new parts on the site, redirect requests that relate to the use of the site, feedback to the visitor;
  • When the embodiment of promotional tasks, the organization of research on the statistics is based on some data;
  • When giving the visitor data to e-mail. By showing his personal information, the visitor automatically agrees to receive mailings and messages of advertising and information.

The apps will be able to take anonymous information about the visitor’s address to provide the right method of payment to certain areas. Mobile apps also have the right to receive anonymous usage statistics.

The visitor consents to the storage of his data by the website as well as the transmission of this data to third parties as specified in the policy.

If there is a need to use personal data not following the rules of the site, the administration asks for permission for these actions

Protection of visitor’s information

The site does everything possible to protect the personal information of the Visitor from unlawful and accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, distribution of personal information, as well as other improper actions. These measures may include, for example, internal audits of data collection, collection and storage processes, and security measures. Measures to ensure the physical security of the information and to protect them against hacking.

Also, the visitor is notified and agrees that the site can receive statistical impersonal (without reference to a specific person) information about the customer’s actions on this site.

The visitor can receive data from the site on their processing of personal information upon specific request. More about this theme you can see in