We believe that people are more likely to be well and thriving—and to realize their power and to become social justice leaders—when they have opportunities to:

  • Heal from trauma
  • Experience more happiness, resiliency, and joy
  • Spend time in a safe space where they can truly be themselves with all their identities.
  • Find a sense of agency (the belief they can set a goal and reach it)
  • Make new friends and meeting new people who are different from them
  • Feel a sense of community
  • Learn skills they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to learn
  • See how their voice and their story matters
  • Demonstrate effective, ethical leadership and allyship
  • Take collective action
  • Become decision-makers
  • Share our expertise and be resources to the community
  • Impact individual, cultural, political and systems change
  • Prepare other organizations and systems to be better prepared to genuinely engage, support and be allies to underrepresented young people
  • Access opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have

We measure these outcomes as part of our programming, which includes social justice cohorts, leadership camps, one-on-one coaching, monthly activities and more. Click here to learn more about programming at Momentum Alliance!

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