in case you didn't know: we out here, shining and thriving!

Hey there everyone! We hope y'all doing good, staying warm and cute! We are excited to get back into talking with y'all and letting you all know what we are up to! We gonna kick it off with a check in question, as we always do in our programs! Our check in question for the day is a staff pick:  what's the last best movie you've seen? 

Here are some of the staff answers: 

Karla: The Incredibles 2, it was really good! It starts right where the first one ended, so it's a great pick up. It was good to reminisce on my childhood. 

Shaniece: The Hate U Give, the movie was good! I cried like the whole movie, and I honestly could relate to it in so many ways.

Emily: Rafiki a queer Kenyan movie. Was really great to see and shout-out to Amandeep for taking me.


Here's what we have done so far this Fall 2018!!! 


Ahlam was a previous youth participant in our LEAD cohort, the Youth Equity Collaborative & now is currently our intern in partnership with METRO and OMSI !

We asked our youth Ahlam Osman about what she wants adults to know about youth organizing, and she said, “I want adults to know that we’re hardworking, and that we care a lot about the things happening in the world. Some people talk about low voter turnout among youth, but youth (especially youth of color) are doing a lot of organizing. Youth of color are doing this work, but we’re not represented; a lot of white youth are the ones getting the recognition as changemakers. I invest a lot of my time because I care about about anti-blackness that exists in the Muslim community, white supremacy, systemic racism, and environmental justice - I wanna create change: change narratives, and change people’s beliefs on how they see youth.”



If you want to support youth like Ahlam, donate to us through our Give!Guide campaign! Give!Guide is a Willamette Week project that seeks to inspire young people under 35 to participate in year-end giving. Last year we raised over $8,000 - help us get to $10,000 in 2018! 🤑 You can donate by going to this LINK for Give Guide! 



For the first time ever, in Fall 2018 MA launched 2 black-led issue based cohorts that explore the scope of blackness, liberation and beyond! The two cohorts are: Reproductive Justice & Youth Education Justice Cohorts, who work together collaboratively to decolonize, celebrate, and advocate on issues of education, sexuality, gender, race, reproductive health and blackness. All participants at all levels including the advocates, coaches, program managers and director are black. Shaniece Curry, the program manager of YEA! Cohort shares her excitement about YEA! Being a black-led cohort, “YEA!: What I’m most looking forward to is seeing our youth work towards their vision. In our first cohort meeting we spent a lot of time discussing what is everyone’s idea of education justice or liberation as it relates to the Black community. It was very clear that racism, sexism, transphobia, xenophobia, etc are all recurring issues across our education system, but particularly rampant in Oregon as a result of our State history and continued displacement and disenfranchisement of Black bodies. I am excited to see the ways in which our cohort uses their collective to begin identifying avenues/resources to address these problems. 


Momentum Alliance co-created a youth of color housing justice cohort with Unite Oregon, CAT, OPAL and Metro. This cohort will collaboratively work with Unite Oregon’s adult cohort to be an intergenerational cohort that will explore housing justice, transportation, gentrification, displacement, and organizing community action. Fatmah, the Program and Advocacy director and coordinator of the Housing Justice Cohort in southwest corridor (PDX) says,"I'm really excited that I'm finally doing work and organizing with my black Muslim community that I grew up with. We are gonna being so much noise and I can't wait to see how our youth organize and build for their people."


Together with Latinos Unidos Siempre, Multnomah Youth Commission, OPAL’s YEJA, CAPACE’s TURNO, and Momentum Alliance, the Youth Equity Collaborative  brought over 40 youth to attend the Oregon Students of Color Conference held this year at Western State University! Staff members were joined by 20+ youth for our “Intersectional Approach to Fuckboys” workshop! Thanks to Oregon Student Association for planning a wonderful conference! Ps: we showed up so loud, so proud and sooooo melaninated! We was hella cute!


Okkkaaayyy! We outta here y'all! This is us as the Youth Equity Collaborative being mad cute! We love y'all, we appreciate y'all! Please keep showing up for us, and we promise to do the same!