With community support, Momentum Alliance helped make DACA Renewals possible!

On September 7th, Momentum Alliance rolled out a fundraiser with the hopes of raising enough money to cover the reapplication fee for 40 DACA recipients.
With your help, we were able to surpass our sizable goal of $20,600 and raise an astounding $27,308!

During this process, we came face to face with the harsh realities that:
1. Many people thought they qualified for reapplication but did not due to their DACA expiration date.
2. Many people who did qualify to renew their DACA were afraid to do so because the application requires a current address, which they felt increased their risk of detention with the current adminstration.

As a result of the tremendous outpouring of community support, Momentum Alliance was able to support 35 people by providing them with the full $495 needed to reapply for DACA by the October 5th deadline.

As of October 12th, we have a remaining balance of $9,607.01 that will be restricted to use involving or supporting work with undocumented and DACAmented communities.

We are so so grateful to every person who donated to and/or shared this fundraiser with their networks. This level of community action is what keeps Momentum Alliance going!