Momentum Convention 2016: We Feel the Love!

On August 27th, Momentum Alliance hosted its second annual Momentum Convention: An Unconventional Celebration of Equity at Portland State University. We celebrated hope, resiliency, joy and the inspiring work of our young leaders over the past year.

Momentum Alliance champions a culture of appreciation, and at the end of the night our aMAzing emcees, MA Board member Marina Barcelo and MA Young Leader Anika Becker, asked all attendees to appreciate MA, and many folks gave us ‘love notes’ at the end of the night. Here are just a few of the #MALoveNotes that continue to fill our hearts:

 “I’ve never seen such an inclusive, passionate group of people.”

“I love the world you live in and are working towards.”

“Thank you for creating a space where youth can discover and create their own power.”

“MA continues to enable me to believe that another world is indeed possible. Mad MA love!”

 “You give me hope.”

“You have changed my life.”


Thank you to those who were part of Momentum Convention 2016. Whether you attended #MAUnCon, sponsored the event, donated your time or resources, or sponsored young leader tickets, WE FEEL THE LOVE.

Share your own #MALoveNotes at or on Instagram or Twitter @getyourmomentum. It means so much that you have our back!