Leveraging momentum

Our public, private and non-profit sectors are seeking new leaders who can meet the demand for diverse leadership and represent truly diverse perspectives and talents. We are a network of young leaders under 30 who are connecting emerging leaders and organizations. With coaching and mentoring, we are diversifying leadership and decision-making.

Leveraging Momentum connects and supports young people from underrepresented communities to become advocates, decision-makers and leaders in the social justice movements they care most about from immigrant rights, reproductive justice and disability rights to criminal justice reform and LGBTQ rights. Specifically, the LM network connects youth from multiple movements, geographies and backgrounds who then train and engage one another through weekly, monthly and annual events and workshops. LM Leaders also advocate for specific policies such as Oregon Tuition Equity and reproductive justice, testify before government bodies and mobilize their peers.

While we work for the advancement of economic, ethnic, social and racial justice and gender equality through public policy advocacy, our greatest strength perhaps is equipping marginalized communities with the skills to advocate on their own behalf and, as allies, help elevate the voices of those who are typically not heard. Our goal is to build to 200 network members by end of 2016.

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