In case you didn’t know: we out here, shining and thriving!

Hey there everyone! We hope y’all doing good, staying warm and cute! We are excited to get back into talking with y’all and letting you all know what we are up to! We gonna kick it off with a check in question, as we always do in our programs! Our check in question for the day is a staff pick: what’s the last best movie you’ve seen?

Here are some of the staff answers:

Karla: The Incredibles 2, it was really good! It starts right where the first one ended, so it’s a great pick up. It was good to reminisce on my childhood.

Shaniece: The Hate U Give, the movie was good! I cried like the whole movie, and I honestly could relate to it in so many ways.

Emily: Rafiki a queer Kenyan movie. Was really great to see and shout-out to Amandeep for taking me.

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