Coming Out of the Shadows: Undocumented + Unashamed Rally

For many people, sharing personal things, their thoughts, ideas, and feelings is forbidden because of various things – shame, fears, fears of the shame of exposure, fear of being disgraced, being ridiculed, and fear of external evaluation…

For many, it is easier to share what someone else has already shared, which means that “this” (text, thoughts, pictures) has the approval of at least one person.

Plus, someone else’s authorship makes it easier to hide in the shadows, to disown, to pretend that this did not happen, this is a mistake, the responsibility of the one who said or wrote it.

The number of people I see in social networks.networks that I don’t see, but I know that they are here – it tells me that it is important for people to be with people.

To be, to see, to hear, to be present, to communicate, to share, to present, to take, and to give to the world.

I will not believe it when they say that it is not important to give, it is not important to share. Simply because it is one of the most important needs. With what? Where? How? This is a different question, everyone has their own priorities.

It is not appropriate for someone to do this publicly.

But there are many people who do not declare themselves on the same Internet sites,

they want to, but they don’t do it, not out of principle, but because they are very afraid.

It’s really a challenge. Step out of the shadows. From a small world to a big one. From one world to another.

I know how unbearable it can be in the shadows and how I want to go out and show myself,

but here-how-here is all the clumsiness of a person who has been imprisoned for a long time and has lost or not yet lost the plasticity of movement, who has forgotten or does not know the aesthetics of words, who doubts more than is ready to take a risk.

When I don’t say anything, everything seems wooden and too much – and there is such a thing without practice.

This is the stage. A clear example of the development of a new, such transition-remember how children go through it when they learn to sit, talk, walk, eat independently. Clumsy movements, dirty face, hands, clothes, shaking back, legs, trembling squeaky or loud harsh voice, funny distorted words.

If you want to get out of a place where you are not visible in a place that is crowded and lit up,

get ready for the sun to light up something that no one would notice in a dark room, and people will pay attention to something that they would not pay attention to if they were not near you.

And your own perception will see what was hidden from you in other conditions.

This is a stage that requires not only courage, but also skill and skills. It requires a permanent rejection of a somewhat safe, but in some ways already toxic, stale position, the loss of some image for the birth of something new, fresh, more suitable.

It is natural in the transition from one way of life to another.

Any transitions are a risk, but it is also a development.

For a smoother transition, the support of the environment is very important.

I plan to make a therapeutic group about such an exit “from the shadows”. Now I’m thinking about the format, duration, and conditions.

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