Cardio Clear 7 Reviews: A Shield For Your Heart At Any Age?

Today, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs for short) are the highest-ranked cause of death throughout the world. According to the WHO statistics, CVDs take about 18 million lives each year. This is a quite considerable number, which has a tendency to increase, unfortunately. As you see, the incidence rate of these diseases makes Cardio Clear 7 relevant.

Delving deeper into these grim numbers shows that four out of five cardiovascular disease-caused deaths fall on heart attacks and strokes. With that, one-third of these cases occur in comparatively young people (younger than 70). However, today the predictability of these diseases’ occurrence is very high and CVDs can be diagnosed by such symptoms as hypertension as well as raised levels of glucose and lipids in blood and overweight or obesity.

Even though nowadays there are many primary health care facilities, at which you can measure these parameters, most people don’t pay proper attention to these symptoms and unfortunately fall victim to strokes or heart attacks quite often.

What is Cardio Clear 7?

Cardio Clear7 is the response to the threat that cardiovascular diseases pose. Though involving modern complex technologies for processing thoroughly picked raw materials, the product is actually a brainchild of one man. The personal loss he experienced and total dissatisfaction with the current status quo in CVDs prevention and treatment had put him on track to finding an effective solution that would help people fight cardiovascular diseases without using pharmaceutical products. The intensive many-years research and negotiations with manufacturers resulted in the creation of Cardio Clear7.

This natural supplement enables your body to fight free radicals and suppress negative oxidization processes to maintain the good condition of your cardiovascular system in general and the heart in particular. As such processes occur in the body slowly but systematically contributing to gradual health deterioration, the use of Cardio Clear7 helps prevent the development of CVDs and congestive heart failure (CHF) even when minor symptoms appear.

History Behind Cardio Clear7

Unfortunately for the man who conceived the idea of this supplement the history of Cardio Clear7 began right after the life of the man’s father ended. The future creator of the product discovered his father lying dead on the floor in the kitchen one day. His father was only 59 and it was a shock for the whole family. Not only the supplement mastermind was in grief, but he was pissed off. He was enraged by the way doctors and the pharmacological industry treated the CVD problem and, most importantly, people with such diseases.

The case was that neither doctors gave detailed advice on how to prevent CVDs nor pharmaceutical companies were willing to provide affordable preventive treatment for that. Instead, doctors would be fast to assure you that you were going to need conventional drugs with lots of possible negative effects if you had a stroke or cardiovascular disease outbreak and were lucky to survive. And pharmacological companies would gladly provide you with a variety of quite expensive and possibly dangerous medications that would maintain your ruined health at best or even leave you in a worse condition.

As Cardio Clear7’s creator was not satisfied with such a situation, he put all his effort into alternative medical research. After several years of intense research and negotiations with supplement manufacturers, the product with a Compound CSP formula, as the author himself calls it, was born. Cardio Clear7 has the three ingredients maintaining heart health, which are compared to the Holy Trinity. Let’s take a closer look at these ingredients.

What is Cardio Clear 7 Made Of?

The supplement was created to be effective against CVDs yet simple and safe. That’s why it contains only three ingredients and no synthetic compounds to keep your health safe.

CoQ10 Enzyme

Enzymes are produced by our bodies daily in great amounts and many types. They are used for digesting different foods and maintaining crucial processes in our body. And the specific CoQ10 appears to be tightly connected with the way our body handles cholesterol.

You must have heard about cholesterol and the way its content in the body affects our health. However, one needs to avoid a widespread misconception about high cholesterol levels being necessarily bad for human health. First of all, this is not always true as babies and small kids usually have high cholesterol levels and are in general much healthier than elder people with even lower cholesterol. And the case is not only in the vigor of youth but rather in cholesterol being the result of certain processes in the body and not the cause of health deterioration itself. According to this point of view, a high cholesterol level is considered an indicator of something going wrong in the body rather than an actor in negative processes, which is the second point. Though there is still an open and long debate between the proponents of both points of view it’s safe to assume that cholesterol clutters our blood vessels and does have a negative impact on blood circulation and overall health.

However, we need to consider the third and the most important point about cholesterol for understanding the role of CoQ10 enzyme in the Cardio Clear7 supplement. This point is in the type of cholesterol in question. You must have heard about the so-called “good cholesterol” and “bad cholesterol”. Scientifically speaking, human cholesterol is a lipoprotein, an organic substance that contains both proteins and lipids (fats). Such a combination allows lipoproteins to perform a transport function, be the building material for cell membranes, and do a lot of other useful things. Going back to the cholesterol types, to put it simply, the “good” cholesterol has a high density and therefore is called high-density lipoprotein or HDL for short. In its turn, the “bad” cholesterol is low-density lipoprotein or LDL.

That’s LDL or “bad” cholesterol that worsens the blood circulation. By sticking to the walls of your blood vessels, it prevents the blood from normally flowing and therefore supplying cells with much-needed nutrients and carry off the metabolism products. When LDL accumulates in vessels it turns into plaque and clutters them. That’s when the CoQ10 enzyme takes the stage. Compared to commonly advertised and advised vitamin E, for example, the CoQ10 is much more effective at preventing LDL from turning into plaque. Besides, Vitamin E is linked to a high risk of getting prostate cancer according to Harvard Medical School. For these reasons, CoQ10 is used in the Cardio Clear7 for preventing low-density lipoprotein accumulation in your blood vessels.


Shilajit is the second ingredient in the CSP formula of the product. This mineral is also called “blood of the mountain” for its tar-like form and places it is found in. In nature, it can be found in high mountain rocks in such areas as Himalayas, Nepal, Russia, Mongolia and the north of Chile. According to some sources, shilajit was discovered when local inhabitants of one of these regions saw white monkeys sitting on a mountain slope chewing on the tar.

At first sight this mineral oil has no connection to treating heart disease and CoQ10 enzyme and one may question its relevance to the CSP formula. However, it only seems to be so. In essence, shilajit is a herbal extract that has been used in folk medicine for centuries as a treatment for various diseases. But the most interesting thing about shilajit is that this extract was discovered to help activate energy centers in human body. And that makes shilajit a crucial Cardio Clear7 component as it enables the CoQ10 release in large quantities in our body.

As the result, shilajit not only activates the CoQ10 and raises your energy levels but also provides high mental performance while maintaining the heart health. In addition, shilajit contains more than 80 various minerals for your body to maintain a proper functioning.

Pyrroloquinoline Quinone

And the last  element of the Cardio Clear7’s CSP “holy trinity” is the pyrroloquinoline quinone. This substance with a pretty mouthful name is also called PQQ for short. It is needed to take care of your mitochondria (mitochondrion in singular), which are specified as organelles in biological science. Mitochondria are cell subunits that perform such a vital function as the generation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) for our cells. The ATP is used by cells as a source of chemical energy, that’s why mitochondria are called the powerhouses of cells.

As it turns out people start to lose mitochondria as well as the abovementioned CoQ10 that powers them in general after the age of 30. That’s why having PQQ in the formula is so important: it provides new mitochondria generation. With the CoQ10, your mitochondria can produce more energy to charge your cells, and shilajit maintains this process, adding more CoQ10 as fuel and thus supporting your heart. The simple analogy of this trio operation is having a hypothetical internal combustion engine (heart), in which cylinders and pistons (the mitochondria generated using the PQQ) can be added on the run and which are fed with high-octane fuel (CoQ10). And instead of a car with a super engine, with Cardio Clear7 you’ll have a fine-tuned and effective cardiovascular system.

The power of the CSP is that it takes CoQ10, shilajit, and PQQ and makes them all serve as effective measures for protecting your heart and blood-vascular system against CVDs. The complementary action of these Cardio Clear7 ingredients produces the cumulative effect of fighting cardiovascular diseases.

Is Cardio Clear7 Safe?

Hearing about the efficiency of this supplement as a counter to numerous drug products on the market, one may question its safety.

Rest assured, Cardio Clear7 has a safe formula. CoQ10 is an enzyme that the human body generates every day. Shilajit has a long history of use in folk medicine and, as it was mentioned, even consumed by some animals in raw condition. PQQ in its turn can be found in such food as parsley, green peppers, and kiwi fruit. Moreover, these substances undergo complex processing before being included in the supplement. Thus, you get not only natural but high-quality ingredients in the product.


Today, many people still think that cardiovascular diseases are mostly hereditary and caused by our genetics, as well as that there is no way of treating them without drugs. These are widespread misconceptions as, unluckily, there are many cases of CVDs developing in people with no cardiovascular health issues hereditary background. The opposite is also true, and many people live without CVDs even if their parents have cardiovascular disease history. The great thing is one can prevent CVD development (right food habits and way of life) and even improve their condition when having CVD issues using non-pharmaceutical supplements. With Cardio Clear7, you can keep your heart and vessels healthy and lead an active way of life literally at any age.

Pr&Co Cardio Clear 7


  • Natural components.
  • Produces a long-lasting positive anti CVD-effect.
  • Can be used by people of all ages above 16.
  • Multifaceted action: prevention of spider veins occurrence and focus maintenance .
  • Free shipping (of you order 3 or 6 bottles).
  • More than 68,000 grateful customers.


  • Unavailable for offline purchase.
  • The supply is limited, as the raw materials are very difficult to obtain.

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